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[Vider id=62 ]this video is going to reveal a huge opportunity to make money make sure you watch it all the way to the end because I’m gonna explain everything you need to know about this method step by step so if all that being said we’ll jump into the video I haven’t really got a lot to say in the intro over then if you do enjoy this video and if it does help you out make sure you leave a life make sure you subscribe to the channel even turn on notifications so you can get a notification every time I upload a new video and then comment down below if you’ve got any questions about the method or if you’ve got any questions about making money online in general and I’ll jump in the comments with you guys and help you out but yeah that’s all I’ve got to say really we’ll jump into the video and I’ll explain exactly what you’ve got to do make sure you take notes if you need to replay the video if you have to and we’ll jump into it so in today’s video I’m going to show you a huge opportunity to make money and I’ve really believed that and I’ll really stand by that this is nan taps market and take action and you can make serious cash with this honestly guys the amount of angles and the amount of like different ways you can make money inside this one main method there’s a huge opportunity for you to make money here if you just watch this video all the way till the end and then go and actually take action I’m going to explain everything step by step so my usual format I’m going to take you through like everything step by step from start to finish so this video is going to be perfect for those that really don’t know what they want to do and it’s gonna be perfect for those people that are looking for a nice rounded method that they can just like follow out-of-the-box watch until the end or so for free bonus because I’m going to show you how you can make a lot more money at the end of the video so stick around for that and with all that being said I’ll show you what you need to do and let’s get started so we’re on Google now and I’m gonna show you what you need to do in a second but before I go to the website I want to say that the website that I’m about to go to you’re all going to be familiar with but I’m not going to be making money using the website like you traditionally would do on the website if that makes sense and that’ll make sense when I actually load up the website and explain the method but just give it a chance and don’t actually click off the video so the website we’re going to go to is Fiverr now don’t click off the video because you’ve seen Fiverr we’re not going to sell anything on Fiverr we’re not going to be buying any services on Fiverr but it’s not reselling any service or anything like that in fact we’re gonna go to the main fiber screen we’re not even gonna bother to look at any listings we’re gonna scroll all the way down to the bottom and we’re gonna click on the affiliate section now in the affiliate section we can become an affiliate to promote different fiber listings a lot of people don’t actually know that fiber has an affiliate program but they have a really good affiliate program that pays a lot of money and if you can send targeted traffic and I’m going to show you how you can send targeted traffic you can make a lot of sales on Fiverr and make a lot of money and the reason you can do that is because they’ll pay you different Commission’s for different categories of Fiverr listings which I’ll get into in a minute and there are different categories that you can drive traffic to which can make you different amounts of money and there’s so much like traffic that you can actually send to Fiverr so you can boost your own aims by driving traffic to Fiverr premiere at the world’s largest marketplace for digital services get paid to drive traffic so I’m gonna scroll down now we can known what’s called a dynamic CPA up to one hundred and fifty dollars which I’ll talk more about in a second when we look at the Commission plan what we can join as an affiliate for free from anywhere in the world we can promote Fiverr to our audience and we can start earn-in and get up to one hundred and fifty dollars when our traffic converts now if we click on the Commission plan here we can just haven’t have a more detailed look of what the affiliate program actually offers so we can find out furs and services and every digital category fit for any business need and they understand that every vertical an audience is different so we offer different payouts depending on what five a product or service you choose to promote now this here is important because they’re going to pay you different amounts depending on what actual service you promote so if we scroll down here we can promote different fiber services and they’re going to offer different Commission’s between 15 and 50 dollars depending on what category a buyer purchases from now we need to send traffic to Fiverr and we need to get what’s called a first-time buyer to go and buy something on Fiverr for the first time and that’s when we’re gonna make some money so we need to get somebody to sign up for a new account enter in the credit card details and actually buy one of these services and when they buy a service in this category here or this section we’re going to win $50 and that includes whiteboard and animated explainers ebooks architecture graphic design program and in tech here we’ve got $40 for making a sale and you’ve got programming in tech web applications WordPress which is a huge market and you’ve got web design ecommerce here you’ve got like website content so here you’ve got article writing in which you can make so much money in just this category alone you got graphic and design you’ve got short video ads animation here you’ve got $25 for sending people to writing and translation again graphic and design illustration translation voiceover and any other fiber category if it doesn’t fall into any of these categories are they’re gonna pay you $15 a flat for your $15 to get someone new to go buy any other category on Fiverr so let me explain the method now I’ll explain how we can actually drive traffic to Fiverr and how we can make some money what you’ve got to do now is you’ve got to make a decision on what actual category you want to promote now you can start promoting like more than one category but honestly to start out I would just promote one category and master that and then you can move on to the next one so I like to promote graphic design so if I just do ctrl F and I’ll show you why I like to do graphic design in a minute and then I’ll do graphic design so I don’t really want to do architecture I want to do more like web mobile design and logos so we will promote this one here the web mobile design category so it’s going to be like web graphics and also like mobile designs so we can promote this cut over here and I’ll open it and we can make $40 for every sale that we get and I’ll show you what you need to do now on how you can promote it now there are a couple of different ways you can actually promote it and I’ll show you like one or two different methods but method number one is going to be by promoting it through Twitter and that’s going to be surprise to a lot of you guys about Twitter you can find really targeted traffic and you can send individual people to Fiverr and all you need to do is send like maybe two or three people a day and you’re going to make a hundred twenty dollars per day so I’m gonna go to Twitter now and I’ll show you how you can leverage Twitter to actually get targeted traffic to Fiverr now you don’t need a Twitter like branded account or anything like that you don’t need a following all you need is a Twitter account and the Twitter search feature and remember we’re doing the graphic design niche and there are loads of sub niches in graphic design so I’ll open up a notepad here and I’ll just like relay off the top of my head some sub niches in graphic design so you got graphic design and then in my head you’ve got all these different sub niches and all of these different people who want different products in graphic design so you’ve got logo design you’ve got website design you’ve got business cards you’ve got flyers and then you’ve got like online graphics so you’ve got like YouTube thumbnails you’ve got YouTube logo you’ve got YouTube banner and there are so many different like sub niches in the graphic design niche and that’s why I think is a great niche to actually go and promote because there are a load of different sub niches and a load of different angles that you can actually like coming out and make some money so I’ll do logo to start off with now what you would do is you would open up the Twitter search feature and you would search for need and then you would put in in speech marks a logo or this would be like the keyword that you’re trying to target so now what’s going to happen is we’re going to get a load of people on Twitter who are saying I need a logo I need a logo and there are gonna be some designers as well maybe if you put like I need a logo oh I need logo are you gonna get more specific results so here are two people already within five minutes or three minutes sorry I need someone to make a logo for me I need to make a fitness logo I need a logo done and these are always in 30 minutes of me searching for this so you can see the potential of this so we’ve got a lot of graphic designers I need a logo made anyone have any suggestions and all of these are perfect tweets and perfect people for us to try and filter into Fiverr so we can make I think it was $40 yeah $40 so if we can get one of these people to actually go buy from Fiverr if we can get one of them to buy a logo from Fiverr we’re gonna win food $40 from them so what we’ll do now is we’ll go to Fiverr and I’ll search for logo design now what we can do is we can find someone that will do decent logos a decent price now you don’t want to choose a lot the cheapest person because these people want like legitimate logos or some of them want like business logos I get some I guess some of them want cheap logos so you can send them a listing that’s going to be like perfect for them like if someone says they want a specific Fitness logo you could probably type in for example on Fiverr Fitness logo and here are people that specialize in Fitness logos so there’s a guy here that wants a fitness logo so we use him and as an example a legit needs someone to make me a fitness logo so we can take this guy here we can also go to fiber we can find someone that can actually make a fitness logo and what you would do is when you’ve signed up for their Fiverr affiliate program you’re going to be able to get unique link which is going to send them to this list in here and then what you can do is you can copy the link so let’s say for example this is going to be a my unique 5 affiliate link we can then go to Twitter we can reply to this and we can reply to this by saying like something along the lines of hey my body has a listing on Fiverr he’s made loads of Fitness logos for people and they’re pretty cheap as well go and check it out so I’m gonna write a tweet and write something I’m gonna write what I would potentially write right now so this is what I would write and hey my body has a listing on Fiverr with a huge portfolio of logos a good price as well here’s the link if you want to check it out and you can link the list in here and obviously this link should be shorter because it’s going to be a 5 or a philia link but if you do want to like make the link shorter you can go to bitly which is a URL shortening platform and you can like make this link show by pasting it in here but people might not actually click on bit ly links because they do look a little bit sketchy without context so you’re gonna have to test it with the bit ly links and then Auto also test it we’ve just pasted in the fiver link just see really which one works better and which one gets you more clicks and you can do this same method here and by the way when you create the reply you want to use your personal Twitter account and you want to come across as a person that’s just trying to help somebody out you don’t want to come across as spammy you don’t want to come across as like a company or any robot or anything like that you literally want to come across as you’re helping these people out you can also do this in all of these different niches here so you can do that for web sites business cards Flyers YouTube thumbnails logos banners intros literally any niche really you can type it in on Twitter and you can find people that need specific things and you can link them to them specific listings in Fiverr now roll them with the logo design listing which is going to make us $40 for every one that goes and buys that’s new to Fiverr another way we can promote it is by going to YouTube now what we can do is we can create a video ourselves which shows people how to make a logo online so if I type in on YouTube how to make a logo online there are loads of tutorials here which show people how to make a logo now these tutorials are simple screen recordings and they show people very basic logos they show people how to create a logo really really simply now you can create a video like this and take people through one of the online logo makers so if I go here and type in online logo maker there are loads of logo makers that you can use online you can create a video showing somebody around these free online logo makers now inside your video you can say if you don’t want to make the logo yourself if you want a better more brandable logo click the link in the description and get somebody off Fiverr to design it for cheap by saying that you’re essentially filtering people that want a logo into Fiverr and some of those people are then going to actually buy the fiber listing and some of those people are going to make you money now obviously not everyone is it watches your video but if your video has like 114 cave use a small percentage of those are going to go to Fiverr and they’re going to actually buy a logo and again you can do that in so many different niches and you can apply this same concept to all of these different categories in Pfizer so this method might take you a while to get set up but there is one website that if I was to start over again I would choose to get me where I want to be much much faster and I’ll tell you what it is in a second but first let me tell you the struggles that I had when I was trying to make money online and when I was trying to become successful and just be able to make passive income this was before that I could live anywhere in the world before I spent last year traveling Thailand working from my laptop before I could wake up whenever I wanted to and just start working this was all before that this was when I was trying to make a full time income online but I really didn’t know what I was doing I was so envious of the people that were making the big money online and now I would watch them on YouTube every day I was envious of those people I was going to college for a computer network him hating it every day I had to wake up at 7 a.m. to catch the 40-minute bus into town I was literally dreaming on the boss listening to music that one day I would become successful I was dreaming watching other people’s success and I was asking myself why isn’t that me and I assumed that a lot of people that watching this video are in that same position dreaming trying to become successful trying to make money online I’m just looking at all these other people that are successfully doing it it wasn’t until I switched my mindset that things started actually falling into place and I started to actually make money online you see like to be honest review you’re not going to magically wake up one day and start living a lifestyle like these people these people show flashy Lambos these people shown luxurious houses but you’re not going to wake up one day and go into that lifestyle you have to grab it by the balls and take action I realized when I was on the board listening to music just staring out the window that for me to become successful I actually have to go and take action I would never be able to have the lifestyle I wanted if I didn’t actually go and take action and because she watched this video all the way until the end you’re amongst some of the people that are actually serious about this and actually want to take action a lot of the people drop off in the middle of the video and they don’t actually get to this point so to be honest congratulations for that now I’m telling you right now if you want to take the first step to actually start making money online you can do the method I’ve just shown you in this video or you can choose the method that I will personally do if I was to start all over again if you click on the link in the description it’s going to show you how you can make a passive income online I’m going to share with you all the information that you need to know just because you’ve watched till the end of the video nobody else is going to click on this link they haven’t watched until the end of the video they’re not going to know about this link so if you want to go and click on that link in the description and go and take action with the method that I personally would recommend and the method that I would do if I was starting all over again cheers for watching guys and I’ll see you all in the next video