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[Vider id=45 ]today I’m going to show you how I earned three hundred and fifty dollars within five minutes of work and I’m gonna show you how you can do it too hey guys welcome back to a new video I’m Bradley from success online for those that haven’t watched the channel before and today I’m going to show you payment proof I’m gonna show you a method that you can do to make some money this is a personal favorite method of mine this is a method that I’ve done myself and I’ll explain everything you need to know inside the video hopefully this is going to be a good informative video that you can take action on and you can go make money with so I’m not going to waste any time leave a like on the video if it helped you out make sure you subscribe to the channel turn on notifications and if you’ve got any questions about the method leave a comment down in the comment section below and I’ll jump into the comments and answer some of you guys so with all that being said we’ll jump into the video so in this video I’m gonna show you personal proof of earnings I’m gonna share with you actual numbers and natural earnings that I’ve been paid out into my bank account this is a method that I’ve done I’ve made money with and I’m gonna show you how you can replicate those results this is a simple beginner friendly method anybody can do this and you’ll see when you watch the video how easy this method actually is this method is working worldwide and just watch until the end for a bonus method at the end and I’m gonna show you how you can make more money at the end of the video so if all that being said let’s get into the actual tutorial make sure you sit back relax and watch the video take notes if you need to and then go and take action so let’s jump into it and let’s get started so I don’t usually do this but right from the back of this video I’m gonna jump into it and we’re gonna get straight into it and here what you see right now on your screen is a screen shot of my analytics well it’s not screenshot it’s a video of my analytics for one YouTube video which has made me three hundred and fifty one dollars and it continues to make money every single day now this is a video that literally took me five minutes to make and I’m going to explain how you can replicate those results and I’m gonna show you what this method is and how you can do it now I’m gonna tell you right from the start that this is a youtube method and what you’re not gonna have to show your face and you’re not gonna have to like create massive videos these are going to be real simple videos and I’m gonna walk you for exactly what you need to do don’t be shy of this method don’t be shy of YouTube don’t think that you can appear on camera or you can’t make videos because you don’t have to appear on camera and the videos that you have to make aren’t complicated at all it’s very easy to do and it’s very beginner friendly so one video that I’ve got here on a different channel and this isn’t success online by the way has made me three hundred and fifty one dollars from two hundred and one thousand views you can see here it keeps getting me views every single day and the views are going up and up and up which keeps making me money passively on autopilot so what is the method why does this video keep getting views what is this video and how does this all work so I’m going to introduce you to a channel that I have called a knowledge base now I’m opening it in a new tab here so we can just explain it so I’m gonna go to videos and I’m going to show you some of the videos that are on this channel now this channel is a tutorial channel which shows people how to do various different things on like social media and on the internet so I’ve got here a video showing people how to hide your match.com account and how to stop email notifications from Facebook how to toggle mute on discord how to create multiple email accounts without sound verification we’ve got really simple easy-to-follow tutorials here we’ve got how to change your Spotify profile picture 8.2 K views and this channel is basically a collection of videos which makes me money on autopilot now I’m gonna go to the analytics of this and I’ll show you how much money this is actually made me in the last like 30 days so if we go to analytics and then we go to January in January this channel alone made me 436 dollars and that is pretty much passively I didn’t really upload many videos in January and I was getting views from already existing videos which are ranked on YouTube search now if I go to most popular here I’ll show you what type of videos are making me money and then I’ll explain how we can make those videos or how you can make those videos and how you can get paid so the video that I showed you as an example the video that paid me three hundred fifty five dollars or three hundred and fifty dollars there is a video here which shows people how to add songs to Spotify that are not on Spotify so if I open up a new incognito window and I go to YouTube and I type it on YouTube how to add songs to Spotify that are not on Spotify I can guarantee my video is going to be right at the top here and this video here is gaining traffic every single day from YouTube search and this is how I can make passive income from five minutes of work now this is a short tutorial video and I’ll show you how you can find topics and how you can record videos like this in a second but just know the ranking short tutorial videos on YouTube can make you a lot of money and because people are going to be searching and viewing this every single day if we take another one for example 277 key views how to reset the roblox password without email and then I go and open up YouTube again how to reset variable ops password without email this video what this video now is number two but it shows people very clearly how they can reset the roblox password with our email and this video is making me passive income because it’s getting views every single day now the way that you make passive income from these types of videos is because of the YouTube Adsense program now the YouTube Partner Program or the YouTube Adsense program allows you to put advertisements on your YouTube videos so when people click on them and watch the video you’re going to get paid for that view because they’ve seen an advertisement it’s super easy when she said it all you don’t have to do anything I bought upload videos and then the more videos you upload and the more views that you get which means the more money that you make now there is a review process and you do have to have like 1000 subscribers but I’ll show you at the end of the video how you can speed that up and make money a lot faster but if I show you the last like 90 days you’ll see like my views go up and up and up from these videos and my revenue also I mean it stays pretty consistent but there’s a slight upward trajectory to it as well if I went to revenue and I went like last winter 365 days that here is where I got monetized but you can see it goes up and up and up it’s not just me making money in this niche Shiva I can show you loads of other channels that which are making like thousands and thousands of dollars if I put in here tech boomers we can take a look at this channel here which is a similar channel they upload similar videos here in the form of short tutorials so these are like really short tutorials like how to use snapchat cameos or how to enable it incognito mode on google maps or how to set up parental controls on an iphone if you’ve got an android you can do like Android tutorials you can do iPhone tutorials if you’ve got an iPhone if you’ve got a computer which can record your desktop which will show you how you can do in a second you can do like computer tutorials you can do Facebook tutorials Twitter all social media tutorials and there’s so much like there’s so many angles that you can make videos on to get views now I’ll show you this channel here now this channel maybe has 300 uploads and you can see here all the advertisements so they are making money and we’ll just check out the social blade Adam in a second when it loads so in the last 30 days they’ve got 4.1 million views which is going to make them around eight thousand dollars this month just from these short tutorial videos they’ve only uploaded 524 videos and these are really easy videos to make and I will show you one of their videos and show you how easy actually is to make so you can see basically it’s a screen recording of a phone and it shows people how they can well in this case who how to choose who can add you to groups um what’s up and all it is is a screen recording of their phone now you can do this whether you’ve got an iPhone whether you’ve got an Android you can download a screen recorder I think the iPhone has a built-in screen recorder and then your Android phone you can go and download a program called AZ recorder and this is the program I use myself a Zed screen recorder it’s completely for free it’s got 1 million ratings here and you can just download that app and then start to record you scream for the computer you can download OBS project comm which is going to allow you to record tutorial videos on the computer and it’s what I’m recording this video with right now it allows you to record your desktop screen and then add a microphone input as well so we can also speak over it which is exactly what I’m to him and what you can do is you can record short simple tutorial videos which are going to get views over time I’ll show you a video here like will show you how to delete reddit account on mobile this is a very simple video I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with what ready is and I’m sure a lot of you could either figure out how to delete reddit or a lot of you probably already know how to delete read it anyway so this is a video that a lot of you could make this video started off not getting me that many views but over time these videos will snowball and they’ll start to generate quite a lot of views which is gonna make you passive income you can see here this videos making me passive income every single month and once you’ve got like hundreds of videos doing this exact same you’re gonna see your earnings start to snowball and that’s why I’ve made in the last month I think it was like four hundred and fifty dollars now I made a video on my second channel talking about how I’m gonna scale this to two thousand dollars per month if you want to check that out I’ll leave a link in the description on a card on screen if I remember and but just by uploading videos to this I’m gonna be able to scale this to a $2,000 per month passive income machine and all I’ve got to do is think of what apps I use think of what apps other people use what websites people use and what problems they’re having and I can make short tutorial videos showing people how to do them specific things now I’m going to assume that all of you have a Facebook account or like 80% of the people watching this right now have a Facebook account and I’m going to assume all of you know how to delete that Facebook account but if I was to type in how to delete facebook account on YouTube this video here that shows someone how to permanently delete facebook account 2019 he’s getting has got sorry three hundred eighty four thousand views just for something so simple that me and you know how to do you can create a simple tutorial video showing people how they can do this very simple task and this one’s got million views this one’s got 4.4 million views there’s so much money and creating these short tutorial videos it’s honestly insane here’s another channel I’ll show you a channel called max Dalton this channel here is getting two million views per month and they upload similar videos to all of these other channels how to log out of Facebook and all devices how to redeem an Amazon gift card and what you can do is you can take inspiration from these channels and you can see what they’re creating videos about and you can start to create similar videos around different keywords that they’re trying to rank for because this is information you can literally copy the method on how to do that specific search query and you can just relay that information and show people how they can do that in your own video don’t go download their video but going make the video yourself I’m going to show people how to commute tune on mute facebook Messenger groups I’m going show people how they can buy games on Steam how they can add money to their steam wallet and if you don’t know how to do it or just watch this tutorial and then go and make the tutorial yourself when you do know how to do it it’s a real simple concept and it is going to make you a lot of money like you can see from my analytics though this is gonna take time but there is one website that if I was to start over again I would choose to get me where I want to be much much faster and I’ll tell you what it isn’t a second but first let me tell you the struggles that I had when I was trying to make money online and when I was trying to become successful and just be able to make passive income this was before that I could live anywhere in the world before I spent last year travelling Thailand working from my laptop before I could wake up whenever I wanted to and just start working this was all before that this was when I was trying to make a full time income online but I really didn’t know what I was doing I was so envious of the people that were making the big money online and now I would watch them on YouTube every day I was envious of those people I was going to college for a computer network him hating it every day I had to wake up at 7 a.m. to catch the 40-minute bus into town I was literally dreaming on the bus listening to music that one day I would become successful I was dreaming watching other people’s success and I was asking myself why isn’t that me and I assume that a lot of people that watching this video are in that same position dreaming trying to become successful trying to make money online I’m just looking at all these other people that are successfully doing it it wasn’t until I switched my mindset that things started actually falling into place and I started to actually make money online you see like to be honest review you’re not going to magically wake up one day and start living a lifestyle like these people these people show flashy Lambos these people show luxurious houses but you’re not going to wake up one day and go into that lifestyle you have to grab it by the balls and take action I realized when I was on the board listening to music just staring out the window that for me to become successful I actually have to go and take action I would never be able to have the lifestyle I wanted if I didn’t actually go and take action and because she watched this video all the way until the end you’re amongst some of the people that are actually serious about this and actually want to take action a lot of the people drop off in the middle of the video and they don’t actually get to this point so to be honest congratulations for that now I’m telling you right now if you want to take the first step to actually start making money online you can do the method I’ve just shown you in this video or you can choose the method that I will personally do if I was to start all over again if you click on the link in the description it’s going to show you how you can make a passive income online I’m going to share with you all the information that you need to know just because you’ve watched till the end of the video nobody else is going to click on this link they haven’t watched until the end of the video they’re not going to know about this link so if you want to go and click on that link in the description and go and take action with the method that I personally would recommend and the method that I would do if I was starting all over again cheers for watching guys and I’ll see you all in the next video