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[Vider id=28 ]these right here are cash payments being sent to me every 30 minutes this right here is a keyboard now if you want to get payments just like these you will be needing one of these all you have to do is go to www.skybanditz.com about to show you then you will not get these results now the three steps to make forty-two dollars every thirty minutes are number one I’m gonna show you where to login to set up your free account number two I’m gonna show you how to minimize your typing times to earn faster and then number three even better I’m gonna show you how to outsource your typing jobs for dirt cheap so no work is required but you will have to watch all the way until the end because I will be revealing the third step now you will be needing a bank account a routing number in an account number if you want to get paid by this site okay you need a bank account so they can actually pay you the cash that you earn on this site now if you don’t know where to find your account number or routing number get a check okay like a blank check that you have maybe in a checkbook and then your routing number will actually be on the left hand side the left bottom corner and the count number will be right in the middle okay so you can input those and then the website can go ahead and pay you directly to your bank account now the website that I will be showing you is called Tex broker com okay so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna come over here to Tex broker comm and this site are is where businesses come to pay content writers so businesses like Staples eBay write search metrics doctor these are multi-million dollar businesses that are coming here to pay people to write reviews write different types of content whatever they tell you to write you’re going to write okay and they’re gonna pay you a lot of money to do so and I’m gonna show you how much they’re gonna pay you and I’m going to show you how to go ahead and set up your account okay so when you come to this site you’re gonna go to I write content and go ahead and click on payment just so you can see the overview and it’s gonna take you to this right here okay with text broker right and earn money online good work pays off the better you write the more you can earn and I’m gonna show you exactly what that means okay so you can click on this blue button to go ahead and start your free auto registration okay which is basically gonna setup your account as an author or a Content writer don’t worry you don’t have to have any experience okay these companies are just looking for people to make reviews simple and easy nothing complicated you don’t need to be some professional and even if you don’t feel comfortable writing I’m gonna show you exactly how to outsource that so you don’t have to do any of the writing at all and you can literally just sit there and collect paychecks from this site okay so what does text broker pay to their freelance authors well they text broker offers offers authors several options to earn money online based on your content quality our editors rate your articles between two and five stars okay so basically what they’re saying is right here the better star rating that you have you’re gonna earn more money which is great okay because it gives you room to improve if you start off as a two-star okay you’re gonna get seven cents per word or 0.7 cents per word but if you’re as your rating goes up you’re gonna get one cent two cent and eventually five cents per word okay now how does you know what’s the average pay of a four-star author okay so the four-star author is gonna earn one point four cents per word typed okay like the word and or the word but or the word to write that even though that’s a two letter word okay you’re gonna get paid one point four cents for that word now right here we can kind of calculate to see you know how much we can earn right if we type a hundred words at 70 cents if we type you know a thousand words that’s seven dollars if we type six thousand words and I’m gonna scroll to that so you can see that’s forty-two dollars and you can usually do a six thousand word article in 30 minutes okay so that’s 42 dollars every 30 minutes and if you could double that obviously you’re gonna get paid 84 dollars and I’m gonna show you how to quickly do this so that you can at least do about you know two articles per day each at around you know let’s say 7200 words so that you can get paid out a hundred dollars a day which is three thousand dollars a month of extra income okay and I’m going to show you how to do that as quickly as possible and then how to outsource that so you actually have a functioning business that you are running rather than doing all the typing yourself okay now this site is very good obviously and they have quarterly rewards so this is very important okay so if you earn $3,000 in a quarter which I’m going to show you how to do that in one month okay a quarter is about three months or at four months sorry I’m gonna show you how to do that so you get a hundred and fifty dollar bonus all right then as you get better and maybe you outsource the work you can start earning ten thousand dollars in a quarter and get a five hundred dollar free bonus now that’s enough for a you know monthly car payment that’s enough for groceries five hundred bucks you know ask yourself what can you do right now with an extra 500 bucks I won’t hang in fact comment that down below probably buy some extra groceries maybe pay off some bills you know five hundred bucks in your pocket for just a bonus that’s pretty nice right so you can even receive a free trip to Las Vegas for three nights for absolutely free if you do well on this side okay so you can go ahead and scroll down kind of sign up right set up your account and what you’re going to do is when they send you something to write all right you’re gonna go look up that topic like if it’s how to ride a bicycle or reviewing you know beats headphones beats by dre headphones right you can go you an article and then instead of typing out what you’re reading like I don’t you know don’t plagiarize don’t take the exact words from that article you could summarize it in your own words instead of typing it out you can go ahead and go to Google Docs okay Google Docs calm and you can go right here and instead of you know typing out right like this is gonna the you know the word document this this is gonna take you forever how to do that faster you’re gonna come here to tools you’re gonna scroll down to voice typing and you can literally click to speak and you could just talk into your computer and the words will type for you okay I’m actually gonna try it out and see if it hears me okay and I’m gonna allow it to you know play out and kind of hear what I’m saying as you can see as I am talking right now to my computer and to this video okay the words are typing out very accurately and very smoothly and very fast and as you can see I’ve already typed probably a couple hundred words right here and I could type three thousand words or seven thousand two hundred words in the matter of minutes just by talking to my computer and not having to type with my fingers so this tool makes it very very very easy so I’m going to shut off this tool actually right now and you could shut off doing this okay and as you can see I already have a paragraph typed up just from talking to the camera right here okay now if you are totally bad at this you’re like you know what I don’t even know what to say I don’t know anything about writing content but I do have you know a little budget maybe 50 bucks to go ahead and you know pay someone to do it for me and profit off that like let’s say you pay someone a hundred bucks and they write let’s say ten articles for you right and each of those articles you’re getting paid fifty bucks you pay them a hundred and you made five hundred okay I’m gonna show you how to do that right now so the site you’re going to go to to outsource your typing okay and let’s just say let’s go back to the earnings calculator and let’s just say comfortably you’re going to you know you’re gonna have two articles completed at 7,200 words so that’s a hundred bucks a day okay and you’re gonna go to this site right here called called online jobs dot pH okay now there are people on here from the Philippines that will work at a much lower hourly rate than a typical US worker right someone in the US at minimum has to get paid I think minimum wages around twelve dollars okay here you can hire someone for two dollars an hour three dollars an hour and the reason that is is because the US dollar goes a lot further in the Philippines I’m only saying that from experience I’m half Filipino I’ve been to the Philippines you can literally live off ten dollars ten US dollars per day in the Philippines so they’re actually making very good money here by you paying them a salary okay so if you scroll down you can you know type in the jobs and we’re just gonna say Ryder okay and we’ll just press ENTER and see what comes up and as you scroll down you see people that are charging you know salaries like five hundred sixty dollars a month okay I know that seems a lot right now but if you’re making $100 per day from a Content writer on here that’s three thousand a month so you can afford to pay you know anywhere from up to you know depending how much profit you want to make so let’s say you want to make two thousand dollars profit so you can afford to a thousand a month for a writer right and you could pay them weekly you could pay them bi-weekly you can pay them at the end of the month it all depends how you negotiate that but some of them you know salary 400 bucks right this salary 300 bucks this this person will do it for 300 bucks so that means 2700 dollars in your pocket okay and the cool thing about Filipino virtual assistants and content creators is that they speak very good English they understand English it’s taught there in their schools so you can really take advantage this and set a real business doing this okay you can hire a worker here on online pH and then go ahead and set up your account on Tech’s broker and they can’t do this because Tech’s broker only works in the u.s. so this is perfect you make the money here and you pay your workers there deserved salaries okay so that is a way that you can do this now if you are if this seems a lot of work for you and you actually want to make passive income what Warren Buffett refers to as passive income making money while you sleep okay then you’re gonna want to click the first link down below this video in fact this same training helped me go from this guy okay working a fast-food job getting paid minimum wage and doing little jobs like this online like you know writing that on text broker and and you know doing these little cash jobs that weren’t paying me much okay to going and making my first six figures online in fact these numbers right here three hundred fifty five thousand dollars is how much I made in the first six months of my passive income business okay now you will learn about this this business model in the first link down below okay and you’re going to be walked through the same exact training that I went through that helped me earn this type of money in such a short amount of time okay now I’m not promising these types of results obviously you’re gonna have to put in some work but once you build the system that is generating passive income it’s making sales while you’re sleeping it’s making sales while you’re here by the beach right this is a picture of me and my wife we went to Maui and stayed at one of the most expensive hotels and as I was laying here by the infinity pool I was making thousands of dollars in fact in one day I paid for this whole vacation and it was beautiful and I never thought that this type of job would be possible this type of career building an online business that generates passive income ok so again if you want results like these if you want a passive income business to where you don’t have to manage employees you don’t have to do these little jobs online you don’t have to do any of that okay go ahead click the first link down below this video or you can watch one of the two videos I’m going to link up here which is also going to show you additional ways to make money online so go ahead click one of these videos and I’ll see you in the next one take care