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[Vider id=18 ]two dollars and 25 cents for every email that you collect mm-hmm isn’t it beautiful this is an espresso this has caffeine and this will give you a boost of energy just like a boost to your bank account when you receive two dollars and 25 cents for every single email but first a disclaimer results are not typical please do this at your own risk you may only receive 50 cents per email that you collect or you may only receive one dollar per email that you collect but if you stay on this video and watch this all the way through to the end you’ll have a higher chance for getting the results like you see on the screen right now watch every second of this video and if you do you’ll learn how to get two dollars and 25 cents for each email that you collect and exactly how to earn 225 dollars per day step-by-step and also how to make sure you have a consistent daily income coming in my name is big mark I create videos that show people how to make money online and when you subscribe to my channel right now I will send you an update whenever I create a new video so you don’t miss anything the very first step before you get started is to make sure that you have these two numbers so you can receive bank deposits okay this is really important you guys are just simply not going to make the money unless you do this first so there are two numbers that you’ll need to provide the first number is your routing number and the second number is your account number your bank routing number is the nine digit code that’s based on the bank and it’s the location of the bank it all has to do with that and where your account was opened at and it’s the first set of numbers printed on the bottom of your checks on the left side so before you continue just make sure that you do have a bank account and if you do then you guys should be all ready to go the next step is to go over to this website it’s called offer vault now offer vault contains a whole bunch of different offers that are going to pay you for just collecting emails out on the internet I know it sounds crazy but there are thousands of people that do this every single day so how come you’re not doing it alright let’s go ahead and get started so the very first tip is to search for something that is very popular or something that’s gaining lots of popularity something that’s trending out there on the Internet so one thing that’s really hot right now is gift cards or how to get free gift cards like for Walmart or for PayPal or something like that so you can simply just enter in here gift card and when you do that it’ll automatically update here and it’s going to give you a list of different offers that you guys can start promoting now don’t worry about where you’re gonna get the emails and all that stuff all I’ll fill that in a little bit later on in the video so the first one here it says when a PayPal gift card now this is an offer just keep in mind this is not for you guys to win a paypal gift card this is for the people that you’ll be presenting this offer to so they can win the gift card same with the Walmart gift card so if someone out there is interested in Walmart gift cards or free Walmart gift cards then you’ll want to present this offer in front of them so this is number two here up for this video let’s just go ahead and go with the Pay Pal gift card I know a lot of you guys out there like PayPal money so let’s just go ahead and use that so after I click on that it’s going to bring me over to this page right here where I can see the offer details now it’s very important to look right down here it says lead amount now the lead that’s the email right so that’s two dollars in 25 cents this is going to be for each email that you guys collect and this is going to be for the United States on this particular offer but there are thousands of offers on this website so if maybe you don’t like this one you can always go back and search for another one and the offer is going to look something like this when the user arrives on the page it’s going to say when a one thousand dollar PayPal prepaid card okay and when they enter their email address in there you guys earn that two dollars and 25 cents now I promise you guys that I would show you how to make two hundred dollars or two hundred and twenty-five dollars in a single day or every single day let me go ahead and show you that so there is a cap for this offer now a cap means that you can only do one hundred emails per day now if you go over that it’s not going to count so after a hundred emails that are submitted through that form then you must stop your campaign or stop this offer so you don’t collect any more emails so let me go ahead and explain so let’s just say and this is simple math of course if the cap is 100 then that’s going to be two dollars and 25 cents times 100 which comes out to be 225 dollars so that’s the most you’re gonna be able to make with this one offer now some offers don’t have any cap at all so it might even be like maybe a thousand emails or something like that but just for this particular one the cap is going to be 100 per day so I just want to let you guys know that because it’s really important once you have a flood of emails coming in and I’ll show you how to do that you know you don’t want to go over that threshold or that limit just keep this really basic and I’ll walk you guys through the rest of the steps the next thing you guys are going to want to do is join a network so offer vault displays and finds the offer for you but in order to start promoting it and in order to get your links to drive traffic to this PayPal card well what you’re going to need to do is join the network that’s that it’s associated with so right down here there’s a button here that says join network and when I click on that that’ll take me over to this page this is sea park okay this is a affiliate network that you guys can join once you get to this page click on sign up it’s a button here at the top right that’ll take you right over here and once you guys get to the sign up page it’s very important to go through here and be honest when you are filling out the information and try to fill out all the information possible like your skype maybe they might want to contact you just to make sure you’re a real person I know there’s lots of you know robots and BOTS and stuff out there that are filling in all this information automatically they just want to make sure you’re a real person and they’re just going to ask you where you’re gonna do your promoting and just tell them you too so fill out all the information and be as honest as possible and and then when you’re all set and ready to go come down here and click on registration ok and then you guys will be ready to go so looking over here at Google Trends PayPal gift card it’s pretty popular looking at the trend here it’s mostly popular during Christmas of course but the trends are very very healthy ok and so this is great for you so when you place this in front of people they’re just going to be already pumped up psyched up about it and they’re gonna fill in their information you guys get paid it’s a win-win they have a chance to win a free paypal gift card it’s a really cool deal so you’re probably asking yourself well how am I gonna get people to put in their email how am I gonna get all these emails and stuff well I’m gonna share that with you right now so right over here over on YouTube there are hundreds of videos that talk about PayPal gift cards free PayPal gift cards prepaid PayPal gift cards it’s just crazy I might even make more videos about this too so it’s really really hot right now so anything that has to do with PayPal gift cards I mean there are videos out there that are getting hundreds of thousands of views even with small channels ok so keep that in mind you don’t have to have a huge channel or a huge following on YouTube to get lots of views here’s one right here how to transfer your gift card balance to PayPal 707 hundred seventy-nine thousand views maybe you can make a video like that and then just mention hey if you want to enter in to win a three $1,000 prepaid paypal gift card check out the link below in the description of the video I mean that was easy just like I did right there so that’s pretty cool you can educate people on PayPal and how to do different things but you can also say hey if you want a free PayPal gift card click on the link below in the description so there’s lots of opportunity here how to add a gift card to PayPal how to cash out gift cards with no fee so that’s a pretty cool tutorial or you can just simply make videos that talk about free PayPal gift cards for 2019 and here we are two thousand twenty or 2021 and so to check out the popularity here what you guys can do is you can install this Chrome extension and they also have it for Firefox it’s called keywords everywhere and what this does is it gives you the search volume for any keyword that you enter into YouTube and also for Google see looking up here for PayPal gift card there’s almost 50,000 monthly searches for this term and so I hope this really makes you guys realize how powerful how many people are actually typing in that word every single month on YouTube and you guys could have your video pop-up there at least on the first page how cool would that be and also to show you that you’re probably wondering well is my video gonna get lots of views well guys if you look on the front page here of YouTube you can find a lot of videos about PayPal gift cards that have 42 thousand views six hundred and seventy seven thousand views six thousand views two hundred and eighty nine thousand views about PayPal gift cards it just goes on and on and on so of course it’s safe to say that there are there’s a lot of opportunity here okay now you guys to record your videos you’re going to want to do this for free if you’re on a tight budget you don’t have any money right now to invest into any software then I would highly recommend going over to OBS it’s at OBS project com and there’s a piece of software called OBS studio and this will allow you to capture your screen so let me give you an example of what this could look like so going back over here this is the page that the user would arrive on after you guys get your affiliate links so you can start collecting emails and so people can start entering their emails into this email box well here’s what you can do before you do all that you’ll want to make a short video and here’s something that you could say you could say hey for an exclusive offer for our limited time you can win a one thousand dollar PayPal prepaid gift card into your email address and they will contact the winner on whichever email that you enter and you can show this you can show the little PayPal card with a little ribbon on it and then all you do is you say click on the link below in the description of my YouTube video and then people will go down there they will click on that and then and then they will go over to this page and enter in their email and when they do that you guys get paid and this goes all the way back to when we were talking about our bank account because once you reach a certain threshold you have those little two three dollar payments coming in over and over again well then you can request a cash out through the network which is right over here it’s really straightforward guys it’s really simple there’s so many different ways to make money online and this really reminds me back in the day when I was looking for all these ways to make money online but it Willy wasn’t that simple I struggled guys I struggled for a very very long time here’s a picture of me this was an older house I had nowhere to work so I had to work out in the garage this was in Southern Oregon I had a big jacket on it was cold in there and he I even had a heater on and it was still cold in there but I struggled for for weeks and months trying to figure out what’s the easiest way to make money online I knew there was a lot of potential out there but I didn’t know exactly what to do and it wasn’t until I plugged in with the right people that showed me step by step on exactly how to create a full-time passive income right online now a passive income is something where you can make money while you sleep as a matter of fact I woke up this morning and I had money on my phone and that’s really cool sides woke up I looked at my phone and or maybe you would like to make a little bit of extra cash while you’re out and about maybe on a road trip with your family or maybe while you’re out on vacation how cool would that be in speaking of vacation we actually moved down here to southern Florida and we didn’t just visit this I mean we were traveling but we actually moved down here I asked my wife I said honey it’s really cold up here in Oregon if you could move anywhere in the United States where do you want to go and she’s like well I want to be warm so alright so we just we got in the car and we drove clear across the country and here we are and this is really exciting and all I did was I just followed the exact same thing that I’m gonna share with you guys so this is really exciting down below in the description of this video down below there right now there is a link there now once you click on that link it’s gonna go over to another video and this is going to be a video of me I’m gonna show you and explain exactly what the whole thing is all about and then you guys will go through and you will learn exactly how everything works okay so go ahead and click on that link below in the description right now and I will get that information over to you right away if you guys got some value on this video hey give me a thumbs up I would appreciate that and if you want more videos about making money online we talked about working from home how to become an entrepreneur different ways to do that it’s all right here so subscribe now and I will send you a notification and an update whenever I create a new video so you guys don’t miss anything alright so you guys have an awesome day and I will see you on the next video peace out [Music]